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Drive performance and profits with our expert consulting services

Transform your business with sustainable solutions. Our consulting team provides customized strategies and expert guidance to help companies achieve their sustainability goals and drive long-term performance.


Unlock Your Business's Potential with Our Experts Today

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Our Track Record

Our team has experience helping both public and privately-held companies as well as university endowments and early-stage startups.


Our Experience

Our team is rich in tactical, practical, and strategic experience from startups to venture-backed companies
and beyond.


Our Perspective

We understand that financial performance and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive, and we unapologetically insist on win-win scenarios.


Our Passion

We put our values at the core of everything we do, and we are committed to accelerating the movement for profitable business as a force for good.


Services Offered

Private Equity Portfolio Company Support

We provide executive coaching and M&A advisory services from former public company CEOs with proven track records.

We develop high-performance corporate cultures with our clients through conscious leadership training and the institutionalization of mission, vision, values, and purpose

B Corp Certification Support

Our proprietary framework enhances efficiency on the road to 80+ points on the B Impact Assessment

We offer post-certification employee engagement, marketing, and support leveraging resources from B Lab integrating into the B Corp community

ESG Reporting Support

ESG materiality analysis, institutionalization of measurement systems, benchmarking, data capture, and team engagement & training

We customize impact reporting based on ESG, B Impact Assessment, and other social/environmental frameworks

Meet Our Support Team Leaders

David Ferran

David Ferran

Former public company CEO & Turnaround Expert

Grace Cannon

Grace Cannon

B Corp Certification Team Leader

Jason Plant

Jason Plant

President of Torrey Project

Matt Oriente

Matt Oriente

ESG Service Team Leader

Our Team

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