• Thu, Nov 19
    Video Conference
    Profits with Purpose: How Capital is Catalyzing Recovery and Resilience
    Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen resilient companies fare better than non-resilient companies. With record liquidity, we’ll cover what this means for the investment community and the businesses in the highest demand. As we shift to designing our recovery, we’ll explore how investment can be direc
  • Wed, Oct 07
    Online Event
    REC Innovation Lab with Dave Ferran
    David shares how the Torrey Project is doing things differently and how they created a tuition-free startup bootcamp for social entrepreneurs and multi-stakeholder-focused business leaders.
  • Wed, Aug 26
    Zoom Meeting
    B-Corporations: Development, Benefits and Road Bumps
    Join us in a discussion as officers in the pivotal evolution of certified Benefit Corporations, aka "B-Corps", take on the deeply needed commentary about how and why B-Corps even exist.
  • Wed, Jul 29
    Online Event
    Next San Diego- Redefining Sustainability: Beyond Green
    Meet sustainability leaders in San Diego and network with like-minded people who are pushing the envelope of business as a force for good.

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