Environmental degradation and widespread social injustice threaten our planet and our society. We believe that the investment capital markets in America have an important role to play in addressing both issues. 

Our target entrepreneurs come from communities that represent 70% of our nation's population, yet receive less than 6% of early stage investment capital.

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V-RBF™ Fund

Venture-Revenue Based Financing™

Boosting the Impact of Impact Investing.

We’re funding a new generation of female and under-resourced entrepreneurs.


The Problems

The way that most early-stage investment funds allocate capital today is exacerbating our planet’s greatest challenges. The thinking is outdated and the focus is too narrow, and too short term. 

At Torrey Project, we believe that funding companies that pursue both profit and social impact results in better business performance, and higher financial returns, over the longer-term. We also believe this approach is the best way to address social injustice, environmental degradation, and the discriminatory and exploitative nature of traditional venture capital.

  • Early Stage Funding Inequity: Historically, early-stage funding has been allocated unfairly in America. We’re building a supportive community for under-resourced entrepreneurs, focused on Female, BIPOC and AANHPI entrepreneurs who today receive less than 6% of the early-stage investment capital in America.

  • Environmental Degradation & Incentives: Time is running out. Extreme weather, rising sea levels and critical habitat destruction are all a clear part of our climate crisis. Does capitalism have to be bad for the environment? We say no — but the people, values, and incentives that influence the behavior of Corporate America need to be aligned to include environmental preservation and to safeguard our planet.

  • Traditional VC Fuels the Problems:  Too many start-ups today are forced to accept dilutive capital, often on exploitive terms, and many potentially successful companies simply can’t meet the hyper-growth requirements of traditional venture capital funds. As a result, business leaders are forced into short-term thinking with a narrow focus on financial results,  rather than considering the longer-term best interests of the company and its many stakeholders.

Torrey Project’s Solutions

Our planet and our society desperately need a better approach to capitalism. Our mission is to level the playing field for all entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on supporting female and other under-resourced members of society. We aim to tap into the power of business as a force for good and an engine for outstanding longer-term financial returns.

  • Equitable Capital Allocation. We’re changing the dynamic of early stage investment and capital allocation, by focusing our investing activity on finding and funding the very best female and under-resourced entrepreneurs.

  • Investing for Social Impact. Our evergreen, open-ended fund design eliminates the need for short-term business thinking, allowing corporate leadership to map out and execute longer-term strategies that will deliver better financial results as well as measurable social impact. At V-RBF, the impact metrics for each portfolio company are mapped to United Nation SDGs and reported to our LPs quarterly. We are also highly concerned with the growing income gap in America which is why we’ve instituted a mandatory “Living Wage” policy for all portfolio companies.

  • Supporting Conscious Start-ups. While our portfolio companies are busy creating value for our LPs, they’ll also be creating value for all of their other stakeholders, thereby contributing to a healthier planet, and a more equitable and just society.


Fund & Benefits



Targeted total raise.

Exclusively available to underserved entrepreneurs.


Offers a unique mix of Royalty and Equity based finance.

Incentivises pursuit of B-Corp certification. 


Provides management & leadership support for every portfolio company.


Rewards a stakeholder-focused business approach.

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About the V-RBF™ Fund

Our goal is to maximize environmental and social impact, while earning a market rate return, over the longer term. We plan to invest more than money, by providing ongoing mentorship and support for the development of socially conscious and profit oriented entrepreneurs.

  • A Long-Term Solution: Our Evergreen, open-ended design eliminates short-termism and facilitates a longer-term investing and operating mindset that is intended to drive superior financial returns for our Limited Partners.

  • Sustainable Investing: Value is created by nurturing the best performance across all portfolio companies, rather than by counting on the extraordinary performance of a very few companies to generate the fund’s profits.

  • Enhanced Returns: Reducing the general Partner carry enhances investor returns and subsidizes the cost of providing “Highly Supportive ServicesTM” to our portfolio company leadership teams.


The time has come for
“Highly Supportive Capital”™ for underserved entrepreneurs

Are you ready?