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A Clubhouse Room for Underserved Entrepreneurs

Are you on Clubhouse yet? Well, you're missing out on great conversations about business and entrepreneurship happening over there. Make sure to follow Dave, CEO of Torrey Project, @daveferran, to get notified when he speaks! He has an exciting room planned for underserved entrepreneurs that you won't want to miss.

Dave will have special guest Jeff Cherry, Executive Director of Conscious Venture Labs, @jcherry26, with him to discuss fundraising. Make sure you’re free on Wednesday 5/5 at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET to tune in to Dave and Jeff’s discussion. This is an hour-long conversation on the challenges facing Underserved Entrepreneurs and what can be done to increase the amount of early stage funding being made available to these capable but historically marginalized entrepreneurs.

Visit the event link to open Clubhouse and save Dave's room "Investing in Underserved Entrepreneurs" to your Apple or Google calendar.

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