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Climate Action 100+: Investors Pressure Companies to Stop Climate Change

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

BBC news recently published a story about Climate Action 100+, a group of more than 360 investors who collectively manage more than $34 trillion in capital. These forward-looking investors understand the power they wield with the investment capital they control and are using that power to influence major global corporations to act in a more environmentally responsible manner.

This is a great example of shareholders adopting and implementing a stakeholder approach to business. They realize that if the environment is not protected, their investments will also not be protected or retain their long-term value.

In using their shareholder influence for good, these investors are exemplifying the essence of what Torrey Project is striving to accomplish, providing market incentives to do good. We commend their efforts and encourage other fund managers to join their cause.

This blog post was contributed by David J. Ferran, CEO of Torrey Project.

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