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Measuring the Impact of Investing

During the May 2021 Clubhouse meeting of the “Investing in Underserved Entrepreneurs” room Jeff Cherry and David J. Ferran mixed it up with over 50 active participants in an effort to raise awareness of the tremendous inequity in the way early-stage capital is allocated in America. At the monthly “Investing in Underserved Entrepreneurs” Clubhouse events we will explore ways of leveling the playing field and increasing the flow of early-stage capital to typically marginalized segments of our society.

In June, Dave will have special guest Natalie Hazen, Vice President of Gingras Global Inc., with him to discuss the topic of measuring the impact of investing in Underserved Entrepreneurs. Tune in on 6/2 at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET to learn what they measure, how, and most importantly why!

Natalie Gingras Hazen is no stranger to social and community impact, having spent 20 years in strategic community development. Natalie is highly strategic, and her observant nature lends the exact set of skills to social impact projects of all sizes and scopes. She carries this along with her financial background to serve as Vice President of Gingras Global since 2014. In 2017, she formed the first skilled trade Impact Capital Investment Fund, the Makers Environment Fund. Natalie uses her background, education, and experience in the financial industry to elevate the credibility of any project she touches. Natalie started serving on the National Small Business Associations' Leadership Council in early 2019 sitting on both the Technology Council and the Economic Council.

Visit this link to open Clubhouse and save Dave's June event "Investing in Underserved Entrepreneurs" to your Apple or Google calendar.

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