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Name Change: Torrey Project's Incubator will Now be Known as the Torrey Project Startup Bootcamp

Announcement time!

As of December 19th, 2020, we are officially changing the name of the Torrey Project Incubator to furthermore be known as the Torrey Project Startup Bootcamp.

We know this might come as a surprise to some and may even evoke feelings of nostalgia among people who graduated from our incubator in the past. The good news is: the form and content of our Startup Bootcamp will be nearly identical to the form and content of the Torrey Project Incubator. We will still focus on training the next generation of multi-stakeholder focused entrepreneurs who seek to run conscious, world-changing businesses. Our classes will still meet from 6pm-9pm on weeknights and from 9am-4pm on weekends. Much of our curriculum will be the same too.

So why did we change the name?

The name change comes as a result of our continued learning process. Remember, we are a startup ourselves, and are always learning, growing, and testing new ideas. As we talked with others in our field who are farther along than we are, we came to the realization that “startup incubator” is a very specific term that nearly always refers to providing co-working space, investment, and mentorship to entrepreneurs over a long period of time (usually at least 10 weeks) but doesn’t necessarily imply significant in-class training time.

The word incubator didn’t accurately describe what we do here at Torrey Project, with our intense 4-week cohorts of night and weekend classes followed by 12 months of mentorship. But the word bootcamp is a perfect fit. In order to more effectively communicate who we are and what we can offer, we decided to adopt the name “Torrey Project Startup Bootcamp.”

Now our website is updated and we’re off to the races. We even had a new application to our bootcamp come through within minutes of making the update!

To those of you who participated in any way during our incubator days, we love you. You are still part of the family. And don’t worry, we won’t ask you to re-brand your experience.

To those who will participate with us going forward, please help us out by referring to the Torrey Project Startup Bootcamp (rather than the Torrey Project Incubator) going forward.

Thank you!

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