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Announcing our Spring 2022 Bootcamp for Advanced Start-Ups - Get Your Application in Now!

We are proud to announce that applications are now open for Torrey Project’s Spring 2022 Bootcamp for Advanced Start-Ups! Our 5-week live interactive online program is designed for established start-ups that will embrace a stakeholder-focused approach to building businesses that create profits for shareholders while simultaneously creating value for all other stakeholders.

Our program curriculum is designed to help entrepreneurs hone their leadership and management skills while preparing them to pursue the investment capital they need to build their businesses. For this 8th cohort, Torrey Project will be accepting applications from established entrepreneurs who are looking for institutional capital and are past the friends and family funding stage.

We have built a strong network of distinguished speakers and mentors who, not only are experts in their field, but are also committed to social good. Guided by these experienced business leaders, cohorts will be taught to understand and appreciate stakeholder capitalism and its benefits to their organization. This includes developing conscious leadership abilities, establishing a value-aligned network, and gaining skills and tools for enhancing organizational culture and processes.

The program will run for 5 weeks starting May 2nd, 2022, and will conclude on June 3rd, 2022. Each session will be delivered live online in workshop style and will provide ample opportunity for discussion between the participants and speakers. For extra guidance, Office Hours will be offered each week during the 5-week period. Bootcamp graduates will also be eligible to receive a full year of pro bono mentorship from one or more of Torrey Project’s start-up mentors.

This upcoming bootcamp will be our second cohort where we have partnered with InBizWorks to seamlessly deliver bootcamp content. InBizWorks’s platform helps administer a structured learning experience to help entrepreneurs validate their business idea and launch a startup as well as communicate the value of the program more effectively to stakeholders. Additionally, bootcamp participants will be provided complimentary access to InBizWorks’s proprietary Startup Roadmap tool to help them with the generation of commonly needed reports and documents.

If our program sounds like the one for you, apply today to join our upcoming cohort of entrepreneurs looking to build a profitable business for good!

The deadline for applications is April 15th, 2022 @ 11:59 pm.

For more information about the bootcamp and to see if you are eligible please visit our bootcamp page.

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