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What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

Did you join us for our June Clubhouse discussion? If you did, you learned more about the impact investing industry from Natalie Hazen, Gingras Global’s VP & Chief Global Strategic Officer. This month, Natalie and Dave Ferran discussed the importance of measuring impact investing and why it matters.

As consumers are becoming more demanding of brands to engage in more responsible and sustainable business practices, there comes the need to determine how to gauge or quantify the results of those efforts. Natalie says that measuring impact is important for accountability and reducing failure rate. Integrity and transparency are necessary for ongoing, templated & consistent reporting. At Gingras Global, their impact enterprises undergo an annual assessment & ongoing quarterly reporting. Based on 10 yrs of experience, that reporting drastically reduces the failure rate of the companies they serve.

So, how is the impact of a business endeavor measured? At Gingras Global they put data into formulas to get expressed outcomes. This data can come in the form of Natural Data, which comes from running a business or Others Data, which comes from outside one’s business. Using Natural Data builds one’s credibility, integrity, and is easier to obtain. The outcomes from reporting are used as metrics to show investors that their investment was worth it!

If you would like to join our next room, we have discussions scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month at 3pm EST/12pm PST. We’ll be announcing the topic for July's event soon!

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