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Torrey Project Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Nicholas Sandoval, Founder of Create Purpose

Meet Nicolas Sandoval, TEDX speaker and Founder of Create Purpose, a nonprofit organization which began in November 2014 with the goal of creating a pilot program to offer orphans and vulnerable children living in centers a valuable education program. Recently, Create Purpose added a program known as Coding with Purpose to provide vulnerable children with access to free coding courses.

What made you want to join The Torrey Project Bootcamp?

I’m the CEO of a nonprofit organization and have always known that we need to be able to generate our own revenue. What I had to figure out was, when you’re not asking for a grant, what does that look like? It meant really rethinking the way we approached our business plan.

During the bootcamp I had some ideas going which I was able to kick around. Some worked out, some didn’t but it wasn’t until a few months after I graduated from the bootcamp that everything came together for me and I came up with Coding for Purpose. I was able to use the lessons I learned from the Torrey Project to help come up with the idea.

So how does it work? One coding course will be provided to vulnerable children for every child's coding course purchased.

Want to learn more about Create Purpose? Visit their website or join them on November 19th at 5 pm PST for their Second Annual Latin Art Night. Click here for details.

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