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Jason Plant

President of Torrey Project

Jason Plant has been a passionate stakeholder capitalist and social entrepreneur for his entire professional career. In 2020, Jason co-founded HydroPhos Solutions, a circular economy social venture dedicated to cleaning our waterways while lengthening the lifespan of our global food supply. As the Co-Founder and CEO, he has led the team in bootstrapping the company with entirely non-dilutive capital by winning entrepreneurship competitions on the local, regional, national, and global levels. Jason has formal education on navigating the B Corp Certification through the University of New Hampshire’s B Impact Clinic, in which he first developed his prioritization framework that vastly improved the simplicity and efficiency of the certification process for clients. Since then, he has been an active member of the B Corp community, speaking at events such as the B Corp Leadership Development (BLD) Conference about topics including the circular economy and the next generation of B Corp leaders. Jason currently sits on the Board for a revenue-based fund called Steady Growth Ventures (SGV) that aims to close the venture capital funding gap by investing exclusively in stakeholder-focused entrepreneurs from historically marginalized backgrounds. There, he actively supports SGV’s mission-driven portfolio companies and co-developed curriculum for SGV’s Investment Capital Accelerator on entrepreneurship, developing high performance corporate cultures, and becoming B Corp Certified. When consulting with clients, Jason draws heavily on his lived experience as a social entrepreneur, B Corp consultant, impact investor, and changemaker.

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