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The Torrey Project Start-Up Bootcamp is designed for underserved entrepreneurs looking to build socially responsible, stakeholder-focused, and profitable businesses.


Applications Are Now Open!

Our 9th Cohort will begin in late April 2023.

In this cohort, we will be accepting applications from North American entrepreneurs with established businesses looking for their next round of funding. The focus of the Torrey Project Start-Up Bootcamp is on preparing for the real-life issues and challenges you will face in the market when raising institutional capital. Our classes are taught by experienced industry experts who have been there, done that, and have the scars to show for it.

Program Fees: $500 USD due before the program starts following acceptance of your application.

About the Start-Up Bootcamp

The Torrey Project Start-Up Bootcamp is designed to emphasize the pursuit of purpose as well as profit. We are committed to teaching, mentoring, and empowering future generations of entrepreneurs, in the U.S. and worldwide. We believe that business can, and must, be used as a force for positive change.

This all starts by teaching entrepreneurs the right mindset and providing the tools required to create a socially responsible, stakeholder-focused, and profitable business.


We educate participants in areas of conscious thinking, conscious leadership, and conscious capitalism, while also imparting insights and management tools developed by the founding Torrey Project team. We assist entrepreneurs in preparing their business plans for capital attraction and then support them with mentorship as they navigate their way towards conscious investors.

We encourage applications from women, BIPOC, AANHPI, and those from under-resourced communities to apply. We truly believe that entrepreneurs who have been traditionally overlooked can unlock tremendous opportunities. Our online program means we can reach more passionate entrepreneurs who want to do well, while also doing good.


Applicant Requirements

Are you interested in applying for our bootcamp? Make sure your business qualifies for our current cohort by reading these applicant requirements!

North America

At this time we are accepting entrepreneurs located in North America

Core Team

Your core team is est-ablished, no solopreneurs at this time.

Seeking Capital

Entrepreneurs seeking institutional capital from $250k - $2.5M

Profit & Purpose

Entrepreneurs committed to both profit and purpose.

Who We're Looking For

Scaling Stage

Your business is established and generating reliable revenue.

Mature Stage

Your business is well established and has slow and steady growth.

Not Quite Ready Yet!


"I have a great idea that I am testing, but I have not yet launched."

Early Stage

"My business is launched and generating some revenue."

What you gain from this bootcamp

  • An understanding of the challenges you will face as you seek Institutional Capital

  • An actionable roadmap for preparing to launch a significant round of fundraising

  • Tools, tips, and tricks that prepare you for dealing with institutional investors and VCs

  • An appreciation for the profit-generating potential of a high-performance corporate culture

  • An introduction to the work required to create a high-performance culture

  • Access to an ecosystem designed to nurture and support like-minded founders who are committed to using their profitable businesses as a force for good in the world

  • Ongoing support as you create your offering documents and prepare for investor due diligence.

Bootcamp Stats

20+ speakers

We've built a curated pool of experts to speak at our bootcamps

900+ hours

Of FREE personal mentoring hours for our participants collectively

7 countries

Our participants come from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Kenya!


One of our cohorts consisted of 100% female founders

~42% via referrals

Nearly half of our bootcamp participants are referred to our program


Of our 2nd cohort of entrepreneurs were either people of color or female founders

3 companies

1 Certified B Corp and 2 companies pending B-Corp certification

65 graduates

Entrepreneurs have now learned how to run more conscious, stakeholder-focused businesses

Listen to what our recent Alumni have to say


Start-Up Bootcamp FAQ

Still have a question? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
You can also email us at info@torreyproject.org


Recent Speakers

David Ferran

David Ferran

Jessica Spainhower

Jessica Spainhower

Michael Vargas

Michael Vargas

Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky

Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky

Kelly O'Hara

Kelly O'Hara

Romy Kochan

Romy Kochan

Elliot Hoffman

Elliot Hoffman

Kevin Rafferty

Kevin Rafferty

Rory Bakke

Rory Bakke

Eric Shutt

Eric Shutt

Marko Schmitt

Marko Schmitt

Will Watters

Will Watters

Recent Bootcamp Alumni

Prenursing Smarter
greenUP Box
MBM Africa
Caravel Labs
They really care! Not only about your idea or business venture but molding you into a CEO and or business owner that is equipped to change the world and better yourself as a person along the way.

Dan Krefft

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