Torrey Project
Stakeholder Bootcamp

A bootcamp for multi-stakeholder-focused business leaders ready to utilize the power of business as a force for good. 

Applications for our fall 2021 Bootcamp are now open! 

Fall Bootcamp 2021 – Cohort 7

October 11 – November 19, 2021

Our online program is designed for established businesses in the early stage or scaling stage. Entrepreneurs who apply to this program are willing to embrace stakeholder capitalism and use their business as a force for good.

This online format for the bootcamp will begin Monday October 11th and will continue for 6 weeks, ending Friday November 19th.

As our bootcamp’s purpose is to serve others, the curriculum and calendar will be finalized based on applications received. This means we’ll focus on topics each cohort needs or wants to discuss. Each topic will always have a multi-stakeholder approach since we focus on training the next generation of entrepreneurs who seek to run conscious, world-changing businesses. We always welcome feedback as we continue to adapt our programs to serve under-resourced entrepreneurs. 


Our program is designed to...

  • Focus on participant’s personal & professional growth

  • Provide expert advice, knowledge & skills to strengthen and expand you participants and their businesses

  • Form an interactive learning community

  • Develop participants’ knowledge and skills that will fast-track their business

  • Focus on accountability - shared frame of reference to strengthen business culture

  • Build relationships that transcend the business network

  • Engage in self-reflection, connection, and mindfulness.

  • Cultivate a safe, supportive environment to grow and flourish


Overall Format

  • All online through Zoom, plus Slack & Google Drive for communication

  • Each week:

    • 2 x 2-hour live sessions Monday & Wednesday, 6-8pm PT / 9-11pm ET
      1 x 2-hour Office Hours Fridays 12-2pm PT / 3-5pm E

  • 2 x 2-hour “Torrey Tank” sessions (pitching & feedback), Tuesdays 12-2pm PT / 3-5pm ET, Week 2 and 6

  • Participants will be required to read/watch content in preparation for each live session. Live sessions will then be focused on active discussion and workshops to work on applying concepts to the participant companies.

  • Weeks 1 & 2 will focus on conscious leadership skills. Weeks 3 & 4 will be focused on technical topics such as finance, legal, and investing. Weeks 5 & 6 will be tailored specifically to the companies that are in the cohort. 


  • We use a Donate-What-You-Value tuition structure. This means after completing the bootcamp, we ask that you make a donation contribution to Torrey Project that is the value which you felt the bootcamp provided, and that you are able to contribute comfortably. We honor the “pay it forward” mentality, where if you cannot afford to donate what you value today, we trust that you will be able to do so when your company is successful. Your donations make it possible for the next cohort to participate. ​


  • How much should I expect to donate? 

On average, our participants perceive the fair market value (FMV) of our bootcamp to be $6,120. The perceived FMV of our online bootcamp is $1,020 (based on feedback). We will never turn anyone away because they cannot pay. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs that come from backgrounds where money may be difficult and to make sure that we provide equitable opportunities for all, especially with education in entrepreneurship, which is a powerful tool for wealth generation.

  • Why Pay-What-You-Value?

We believe that setting a fixed number may not be an appropriate approach. Each participant will take away their own individual experience and may value it differently. We’re also confident that participants will find value in the program, as we make sure to support each individual.

  • Why the new Tuition?

Torrey Project’s bootcamps have always been tuition-free.
We have been philanthropically funded to date, but the pandemic catalyzed our shift towards more financially sustainable models - we need this to keep the Torrey Project alive.


  • Suggested Donation - $1,000

    • We will never turn anyone away because they cannot pay. 

    • If you can afford to donate more and you felt the value was higher, then great! That will help provide our programs to those who cannot afford it.

    • Let us know how you would like to donate if you would like to but are unable to donate upfront. For example, $1,000 per person donated over 6 months or on a revenue basis. There are no formal contracts - this is based on trust.​

    • We honor the “pay it forward” mentality, where if you cannot afford to donate what you value today, we trust that you will be able to do so when your company is successful. Your donations make it possible for the next cohort to participate. 

Sponsor a Bootcamp- And Put Your Name on It

If you're a company interested in sponsoring a Startup Bootcamp cohort, please reach out to us via email at or click the "Sponsor a Startup Bootcamp" link below. 



From our graduates


I was looking to start my own business but didn’t know I could make money doing good for the world. Torrey Project changed my mind and gave me the courage and resources to do it.

-Laurel Lees

The stakeholder approach is a very important part of the Torrey message. This refocused perspective on business works to create organizations that respect all stakeholders including people, the environment, and more

-Charles Bullard

We wanted to learn more about conscious capitalism and how to effectively create and maintain a startup. My expectations as a entrepreneur and leader were exceeded throughout my experience within the Torrey Project.

-Matteo Tousignant-Hernandez

See what our Alumni have to say

We welcome entrepreneurs who are committed to doing businesses in a way that creates value not only for investors, but also for other stakeholders like employees, local communities, the environment and more. You don't need to be an expert in multi-stakeholder operating systems to be accepted into the bootcamp, but you do need to have a viable business idea and be strongly committed to using business as a tool to make the world a better place. 

Due to the generous sponsorship of donors who also see business as a tool for good,

our bootcamp is provided free of cost for all accepted entrepreneurs.