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Calling All Champions

The work we do at Torrey Project is truly inspiring! After four decades of building, buying and selling companies, I have found true meaning in giving back and helping our next generation of business leaders. The pay sucks but the satisfaction is off the charts. Helping to build a new generation of business leaders who will pursue purpose as well as profits is not only good for your soul, it is good for the planet. It’s good for society and it is good for our democracy.

At Torrey Project, we are dreaming big. We are reaching out and offering education and support to young entrepreneurs all across the country.

Sounds good right?

But, in order for our programs to be effective, we need to provide experienced mentors to supplement our educational programs and support our entrepreneurs, and we don’t have any money to pay for them.

We need to build a nationwide network of value-aligned and highly experienced mentors, and we need to do it in 2021!

If you think you have the necessary skills and experience, just reach out to us by clicking on the image below to become a mentor today!

The time required should average an hour a week and the duration is limited to one year.

All mentoring is done via Zoom, so no travel is required.

Become a founding member of the Torrey Project Hall of Champions and make a positive difference in 2021 and beyond!

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