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We're building the next generation of conscious business leaders

Join the movement toward stakeholder-focused capitalism by participating in our Start-Up Bootcamp and tapping into the power of business as a force for good in the world. 

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Our recent
bootcamp graduates

Prenursing Smarter
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Relief Solutions Ltd.
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Program for Stakeholder-Focused Entrepreneurs

The Torrey Project Start-Up Bootcamp is designed to emphasize the pursuit of purpose as well as profits. We are committed to teaching, training, financing, mentoring, and empowering future generations of entrepreneurs. We are providing entrepreneurs with the tools that are required to create a socially responsible, stakeholder-focused, and profitable business. We educate participants in areas of conscious thinking, conscious leadership, and conscious capitalism.

1 year of FREE business mentorship post-graduation

Interactive and engaging sessions

Weekly office hours

4-weeks of LIVE virtual instruction 

A recommended donation of $500 is appreciated upon acceptance into the bootcamp

This cohort will begin April 17th, 2023.

We're Here to Support You On Your Journey

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We teach Stakeholder Theory to under-resourced entrepreneurs who pursue purpose as well as profits in their businesses.

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We have provided over 900 hours of mentoring to entrepreneurs upon their completion of our Start-Up Bootcamp.

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We are developing an ecosystem to nurture and support like-minded founders who are committed to using their profitable businesses as a force for good in the world

They really care! Not only about your idea or business venture but molding you into a CEO and or business owner that is equipped to change the world and better yourself as a person along the way.

Dan Krefft

Our Partners

Sister Cities Project
Startup San Diego
Uplift Accounting
Conscious Venture Lab
Next San Diego
Gingras Global
NASDAQ  Entrepreneurial Center
Coleman Foundation
The Outreach Program

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