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EIN: 83-3302854

© 2019 by Torrey Project.

Transform Business,
Change the World.

We're a global organization dedicated to utilizing the power of business as a force for good.

We Believe Business Can Change The World

Based in San Diego, California and led by a diverse group of seasoned global business leaders, Torrey Project is a global catalyst for stakeholder-focused business. When we speak of stakeholders, we are specifically referring to an organization's employees, suppliers, partners, shareholders and customers as well as the environment, local communities they operate in, and society at large.

Our mission is to help create, capitalize and energize businesses that will each, in their own way, accelerate the transition from conventional “investor-focused capitalism" to the more conscious and inclusive form of "stakeholder capitalism."


We believe that socially conscious and environmentally sustainable businesses have the greatest power to create long-term shareholder wealth while also acting as transformative forces for good in the world.  We seek to prove that business generates the best financial returns for its shareholders when it also serves the needs of all of its stakeholders.  

We are committed to advancing significant positive change, for both our people and our planet, by tapping into the power of business as a  force for good in the world. We support all companies, social enterprises and startups who are willing to embrace this more conscious stakeholder approach to business.

Our Mission

We accelerate the global transition to Stakeholder Capitalism  by creating mindful leaders who leverage conscious business models for profitability, human integrity, and social benefit.



Our programs create and build the next generation of conscious business leaders. We offer education, mentorship, investment, capital attraction support, and a global network of seasoned executives ready to advance practitioners of Stakeholder Capitalism.


We're playful and creative in all that we do, and thrive on a commitment to respectful candor. We practice accountability with a spirit of generosity, compassion and inclusivity, and empower the growth and well-being of our team and global community.


We cultivate new social ventures and conscious companies through our startup incubator program. Participation is limited to qualified applicants based on business concept and a strong commitment to the values of Stakeholder Capitalism.

Torrey Project Incubator Program

Our first global initiative is an incubator for entrepreneurs committed to the tenants of a more conscious, stakeholder focused approach to business. Benefits include:

  • Entrepreneur Bootcamp 

  • Executive business mentorship

  • Access to funding & support

  • $25k total program value

Participation is limited to qualified applicants based on business concept and a strong commitment to the values of Stakeholder Capitalism. All enrollment fees are covered by scholarships generously supported by Torrey Project donors. 

Founding Partners & Supporters

Our network of established, global business leaders and senior executives share the belief that sustainable shareholder value is maximized when business owners and leaders practice a strong commitment to serving employees, suppliers, partners, shareholders, and customers as well as the environment, local communities they operate in, and society at large.