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Do Business Without Being a Jerk

A STELLAR CO. is an amazing environmental consulting company located in San Diego, CA. Their approach to business is simple, “do business without being a jerk” says co-founder Jessa Spainhower. “It can be done. There’s this mindset that you have to choose one or the other - profit or environment - but that’s not true”.

“Recent events have really highlighted flaws in the traditional system and the need for change. What we’re seeing is that organizations that are stakeholder focused are better set up for resiliency and withstanding the recent volatility in the market.

It’s exciting because we’re starting to see people talking a lot about this triple top line approach to business sustainability, especially younger generations. I think a lot of people are stakeholder capitalists and just don’t know the name for it”.

What they’re passionate about

A STELLAR CO. takes a stakeholder approach to business consulting by helping their clients focus on three key areas of business planning: people, profit, and planet. “We’re focused on regeneration for the next generation” according to Spainhower.

This is done by partnering with companies across business sectors to develop a triple top line approach to sustainability by helping them to build wealth, support thriving ecosystems and enhance social capital. A STELLAR CO. provides clients with a tailored approach focused on operational planning (profit), sustainability / regenerative business planning (planet), and stakeholder networking and engagement (people).

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